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seatel™ Germany is an Integrator, Developer and Manufacturer for Communication Systems, Audio & Video Entertainment, Network Infrastructures and CCTV Systems. We live & breathe creativity and development. And we are committed to meeting the needs of our client.

Since the year 1987 the seatel™ GmbH Germany is a pioneer to make communication on board as easy as on land. We introduced Picocell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to the leading german yachting industry and to the largest builts on the seven seas, to get a mobile cellphone connection wherever you are, with your own origin number, your origin sim card, no extra billing, with non obstruse IP hopping and with excellent voice quality. 

seatel™ Germany was the first company who implements a digital high level Panasonic telephone system with own customized firmware to fit the special needs a maritime system must deliver on a yacht, to be always reachable, to do business as usual and to hold contact to the world.


Steward call message over an internal telephone system was also initiated by us. We often work behind the scenes for our customers, silent and quite but always exactly. We are often asked by other integrators and suppliers to successfully complete their projects when it becomes tricky, before it comes to trouble. 

It will be a pleasure for us to do business with you, talk soon!  

Every project is different, every owner has his special wishes. We help all parties to become the best result and to get that what the owner and the shipyard makes happy.

Confused about overloaded network racks? Trouble with untraceable cables?

We help to get a planning and drawing that fit the vessel and engineer needs.

We realize communication and IT networks on the highest level, ready for future technologies and applications. We develop and integrate together with our partners and business partners the newest cool stuff and make your dreams come truth.    

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