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Consulting - Planning - Realization
we deliver results
Free Design

You prefer specific brands that you would like to use in your project? You want to use the latest technology, but you are not sure if all components work as they want it to be? You only want to upgrade or overhaul of existing technology, without opening a large construction site? We care about it.


Be there for everyone


To fulfill a project successfully we must have open eyes and ears for all parties and interests. We are the one in-the-middle, the mediator and concentrator who check if all needs and technical requirements are really fit together.   

Time Saver


Time is precious, time is money!
Don't waste it while you have to gather information while cumbersome, leave it to the professionals who handle with that daily.


Joining together

A good working relationship is the best way to be successful. We maintain good contacts with colleagues from other companies and shipyard employees and suppliers, because we want to work together to achieve the best for our customers.      


Full Open Market

We are not married with manufacturers, we are guided by technical convince. We have to fulfill the wishes of our clients, not of any industry representatives. We have over 25 years experience, we love our work and we are proud about every project we did in the past. If the technology doesn't exist - we will help to develop it for you.  



In order to operate a ship successfully and maintain the technology on board, it is essential for staff, in addition to be found clear understandable instructions for proper operation in addition to the classic drawings and cable pulling lists. We create, discuss and train this together with the technical staff.


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